Be a Good Steward

Every year farmer's are bombarded by new products that claim that "they can change the world."  However, how do we know?  Most research on products is done by the companies themselves.  Can you trust their data?  They are selling you something.  So how do you know?  Well you are in luck.  Many Brookside Consultants have teamed up with NutrietStar, which is a third party, independent organization that helps to provide data on many of these new products (and old ones too).  Brookside Labs has always supported independent, third party consultants who want what is best for the agriculture industry.  Now with the help of NutrientStar, many of these products are being vetted so the "real" truth of whether a product is economically viable and/or environmentally safe can be determined.  In a new video ( producers and several Brookside consultants across the Midwest, state want they want when it comes to tehcnologies to manager fertilizer.  If you are interested in the NutrientStar program visit the NutrientStar homepage ( or contact your local Brookside consultant to get started today.  Don't get sold on a technology that that isn't going to help make a difference in your bottom line.

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