Early Spring???

The big question is will it be an early spring in the U.S. this year?  This past week we have had some of the warmest weather that I have ever experienced in Ohio.  Sure there were always a few "warm" days in the winter where we would get a thaw, but over a week of weather where we were in the mid-60's and even above 70 on friday.  Now that is unheard of for late February.  Storms did move in Friday night and the temperature dropped all day on Saturday with a low of 23 Sunday morning, but Tuesday and Wednesday are supposed to bring back the 60's once again.  The big question with all of this crazy weather is what is going to happen to the wheat crop?  What about fruit trees?  Here are a few pictures I took on Thursday evening (February 23, 2017) our lilacs broke bud and the hydrangeas have begun to come back.  

If you go to the Weather Channel sites this morning they have an article explaining that this warmth may be here to stay for much of the US.  Maybe the 60's as we experienced last week in Ohio, but the 40's and 50's for the month of March.  

Sure I am happy about this because as I get older my love for winter wanes.  However, the last time we had an "early" spring like this was the drought year of 2012 when we had many days in March that were in the 80's.  Southern Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, parts of Ohio and Iowa took a beating that summer.  If we look at the most recent drought monitor we can see abnormally dry conditions in several of these same areas.  

So will 2017 end up like 2012?  I hope not!!  In addition, no two years ever seem to be the same, but I guess only time will tell.  My dad always said, "Who needs Vegas?  I farm.  Every year I roll the dice."  Well 2017 looks no different in that sense than any other year.  As we leave February this week and enter March we will have to closely monitor the situation.  For a farmer, weather it the ulimate variable.  As they say, "rain makes grain."  Hopefully 2017 brings adequate rain for everyone.

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