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Brookside has offered complete analytical services for more than 64 years to a wide range of clientele.  Brookside is a private laboratory solely focused on supporting critically thinking, independent consultants and university researchers around the world. These independent consultants are highly trained and educated in the services they provide. Most are active in ongoing research in their areas in order to provide their clients with the cutting-edge local recommendations they desire. Consultants Associated with Brookside (CAB) provide their clients with detailed, tailored services based on local research - not some general mega database housed somewhere outside their location. Having that personal local consultant working for you throughout the growing season or project has always been the key to Brookside’s success over all of these years. We pride ourselves in providing consultants with complete analytical services of every kind. And keep the laboratory accredited in more programs than any laboratory. To get started today, use the find a consultant located below to find the independent consultant located nearest to you.

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