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David Ricke recently came in and wanted to give his testimonial on how the Brookside program really has worked for him over the years. Some people might be a little hesitant to believe such a program could work, but Dave wanted to prove to everyone that it has worked for him for many, many years and he wouldn’t be a consultant today if it wasn’t for this program.

In Dave’s presentation he used a couple different farms that has been with him for just as long as he has been a consultant. The first exam was a corn belt farmer. He shows in the presentation that different years and how his numbers for base saturation percentage has done wonders. He also used a large livestock producer, this farm was in good shape when Dave started with him, but there is always room for improvement, and that’s exactly what he did. He improved the farms numbers over the years.

Sometimes the best way to learn, is to listen to other consultant’s mistakes and success over the years. In no time at all, you can learn a lot and they can help you make your business succeed just like most of them have. Check out the full video of Ricke’s testimonial that he did for us.

Go to our YouTube channel in order to listen to the recent consultants that we had the opportunity to sit down and speak with.

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