Joe Nester Consultant Interview

We recently started interviewing some of our consultants that have been with us for many years as part of our new Consultant Outreach Program. By doing this we are hoping to be able to share some of their experiences and knowledge with some of our other consultants, who might have questions or just simply need to hear the wise words of someone that has been through all the ups and downs over the years. These Consultants have been wonderful to give us a few minutes of their time and we thank them for that. We look forward to future talks with them and future talks with other consultants as we grow our Outreach Program.

Joe Nester has been with Brookside for over 25 years. Before he joined Brookside, he was very successful in the retail fertilizer business, but realized that he wanted to be doing more in the field and agronomy work, so he decided to was time to start his own consultant’s business. He didn't learn about Brookside right away, he had someone else tell him about Brookside and what all we offer as a company. He looked into our company and realized it would be an excellent fit for him. So that is how Joe became a consultant with Brookside.

Joe has been very successful running his business over the last 25 or so years. He has learnt a lot and had to go through all the battles of starting your own business. Starting your own business can be risky but reaching out to guys like Joe to hear their battles and success stories is a great place to start for someone that is looking to possibly do the same. Brookside has many wonderful consultants, like Joe, willing to offer advice and knowledge to anyone looking at getting started with Brookside.

Check out Joe's consultant interview or any of the other interviews that we have done with our consultants to hear about their journey to Brookside and success that they have had. Joe offers some great advice during his interview.

Go to our YouTube channel in order to listen to the recent consultants that we had the opportunity to sit down and speak with.

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